Bali holiday FAQ

Bali is not all about surfing, quite the opposite. Our surf camp is located in Canggu area which we think is the best location for a perfect holiday experience. You are only few minutes away from Seminyak, area well-known for it's luxurious beach clubs, shops, gourmet restaurants and stylish cafes. The party central of Bali, Kuta is not far from us either so if you fancy a big night out you don't have to drive for hours and can still return to the quiet peaceful vibe of Canggu. 

Fancy a day-trip to Ubud, the yoga and meditation central of Bali full of wonderful soul, organic and raw food restaurants, rice paddies, tea or famous coffee plantations? How about climbing Bali's highest volcano? Would you like to visit various Hindu temples? How about a unique boat trip around the Bukit peninsula, swim in an open ocean and watch spectacular sunset in the waters of Uluwatu? Deep-sea fishing, snorkelling, stand-up paddle boarding, you name it, Bali has it. Here are some FAQs to help you get ready for your perfect Bali holiday...

My travel and accommodation:


How many guests can you accommodate at Matra Bali Surf Camp?

We have 10 deluxe rooms which can accommodate up to 20 people and a shared budget room for 4 people. 


Can you accommodate solo travellers as well as couples or group of friends? 

Yes, we can accommodate solo travellers as well as couples but we do only have queen sized beds available, not separate beds. Our surf camp package prices are based on two people sharing a room so if you require a single room, there is an added fee to the price.


What time is check in/check out? 

Check in is from 12pm on the first day. Check out is before 10am on the last day.


How can I pay? 

You can either pay in cash in IDR, or via PayPal in any currency (PayPal currency transfer fees are applicable) or with any MasterCard / Visa upon arrival.


What should I pack?

Our personal recommendations are: swim suits/ board shorts and flip-flops (don’t worry too much as there are very cheap outlet shops around selling all the big surf brands), sun protection (again can easily be purchased in surf shops here), yoga and workout clothes for our daily routines, personal toiletries (you can purchase all sorts of cosmetics here but if you prefer specific brands and are not sure if they are sold here in Indonesia, we recommend you bring it with you), camera, adapter (Bali uses 2 pin socket and plug as used in larger parts of Europe). Anything can be very easily purchased here for very good prices so we recommend to pack light.


Do I need a visa? 

For most nationalities you are required to purchase an On Arrival 30 day visa. The cost of this visa is $30 USD. This visa can be extended for another 30 days. If you are planning on staying in Indonesia for longer than 60 days then we recommend looking into a 60 days visa and extending it afterwards. Also when leaving Bali, you will be asked to pay the exit tax , which is 200.000 IDR (approx. $20 USD), you pay that when leaving the airport, this is only payable in cash so we will remind you to make sure to have enough on you.


Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, hundred percent. Bali has very good hospitals offering professional care but they are expensive. To be able to book for our surf camp we will require a proof of travel insurance. There are plenty of surf related insurance companies offering great deals for surfers. 


Do you provide airport transfers/hotel transfers?

Yes our surf packages include airport transfers to and from Denpasar airport. If you are booking accommodation only option, airport tranfers are charged separately.


Food and amenities:


What breakfast options can we expect and can you cater vegetarian / gluten free / lactose free options?

Our breakfast menu is tailored specifically for surfers, we focus on healthy nutritious locally sourced food. Smoothie bowls, granola, healthy omelettes and lots and lots of fresh fruit and coconuts. Yes we can hundred percent cater vegetarian, gluten free or lactose free. 


What do we do about lunch and dinner?

As we mentioned before - Canggu is an absolute paradise when it comes to food. Within the week of your stay you won’t have enough time to taste all the delicious options in different restaurants, we are always ready to help and advice on the best local / curry / sushi / mexican / italian options around. Most restaurants also do deliveries if you ever feel too lazy to go and explore.


What are the shops and restaurants like in the area? 

As for shops, there are several surf shops and clothes shops around here in Canggu as well as souvenir shops. Supermarkets, pharmacies and grocery shops can source pretty much anything you need and there are also two big “western-styled” shops selling anything you might be missing from home. As for restaurants, Canggu is well knows for its hip restaurants, beach bars and quirky cafes so you might spend all of your free time sipping coffees.


Is there a kitchen I can use to cook my own meals?

Yes we do have a fully equipped communal kitchen you are more than welcome to use at any time. We also provide free tea, coffee and drinking water at any time.


Do you have internet access?

Yes, we offer very reliable internet connection. If you work online or need to stay in touch with your family, you’ll be safe with us.


Is there a pool?

Yes we have a swimming pool in our beautiful garden, surrounded by rice paddies. We also have an outside shower you can use right after surfing before jumping in the pool, super comfy bean bags and hammocks for pares-surf relax.


Surfing and yoga:


I am a complete beginner, can I still come for a surf and yoga week or special Surf With Laura Crane weeks? 

Yes, absolutely! Classes will be tailored specifically for different levels, so no need to worry!


Can I bring my own surf board? 

Yes of course. We do have a variety of surfboards available but if you prefer to bring your own, no problem. Please just let us know prior to your arrival so we can have surf racks ready when collecting you at the airport.  


If I ding or snap my surfboard, can I get it repaired in Bali?

Yes, we have a brilliant surf board repair place located just around the corner, which can fix your board fast and cheap. They do a great job!


What are the nearby surf spots like?

Our surf camp is located only about 2 minute drive from the quality spot called Berawa beach and within 5-10 minutes distance there are various beginner friendly spots, beach breaks, point breaks or hollow reef breaks, such as Echo Beach, Pererenan or the Sandbar. The options are endless. We will also take you on a trip up and down the coast to explore more remote spots. Our main concern is to make sure everybody is safe and having fun and we do our best to ensure that.


What is the schedule for the surf week? 

Your 7 day surf camp includes 5 surf lessons and 2 days off. We prefer to do 3 lessons, 1 day off and then 2 lessons and another day off to give your body a little bit of time to recover in between lessons. Lessons are usually run in the morning unless conditions require different timing. We get up early, have a bit of coffee and fresh fruit to get our bodies going, do a quick morning stretching, surf and then talk about your surfing progress over yummy healthy breakfast. We will also be running special daily work-out sessions during "Surf With Laura Crane weeks" for anyone who’s interested as we like to keep fit in and out of the water. Yoga classes will be run in the evening, overlooking the amazing sunset over the rice-fields.


I am new to yoga, can I still join the surf&yoga week? What type of yoga can I expect? 

Yes definitely! All levels are welcome! We prefer to do energetic vinyasa flow yoga which goes hand in hand with surfing but if you fancy any other styles, we can arrange private sessions for you. 


Your free time and things to consider:


What do we do in our free time?

There is so much to do around here you probably won’t be able to fit everything in your schedule. Apart from the cafe and beach bar culture in Canggu. we can arrange pretty much anything you like. Cultural and hindu religion learning trips around the island, traditional cooking classes, spa sessions, massage and physio therapy, mani - pedi, Stand Up Paddle boarding, fishing trips, horse riding classes, dance classes, gym sessions, bowling, trampolining, cinema… anything! We also have a large collection of english-speaking dvds and books for those who fancy a lazy day in bed. 


Can you arrange scooter / car rental? Can we hire a driver if we don’t feel like driving ourselves?

Yes we can arrange a scooter for you on site. We will ask for some form of driver’s licence (the traffic police will require and International Driving Permit with the A stamp for motorcycles, we are not quite that strict). We will also provide a helmet and ask you to wear it at all times and also have some for of contact information / travel insurance information in your motorcycle at all times. The same applies for car rental. At Matra Bali Surf Camp we do not take any responsibility for any accidents or damages on the bikes or cars so please always think of your own and other people’s safety. As for a driver, yes we can arrange a driver for you for either drop off, half day or full day trips. The prices are very low and we would always recommend hiring a driver if you are planning on having a few drinks on the beach or so. 


I have never been to Bali before, do I need to be worried about my safety?

Bali is a very friendly and safe place to travel but obviously you need to use your common sense and avoid possible sticky situations. Look after your belongings, don’t drive drunk, don’t go to strange dark places alone at night and don’t ever in any way, shape or form consider buying, selling or consuming drugs here in Indonesia!



Are there any cultural issues / inappropriate behaviour I should avoid?

Bali is very relaxed and liberal when it comes to dress code compared to the rest of Indonesia but still, please be respectful and again use your common sense. You will be mostly wearing beach wear which is perfectly fine as long as you put shorts and tops on when in restaurants, shops or on the streets. There is no such thing as topless sunbathing for ladies here in Bali, please respect that and save that for a private villa stay. When venturing inlands or further away from the touristy areas we recommend bringing a sarong with you to cover your shoulders with, you will also find that useful when visiting traditional Hindu temples. Apart from that, be happy, smiling, positive and friendly and Bali will love you!